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Career Coaching Philosophy

Today’s leaders are being faced with manifold challenges in job markets more volatile than ever before. Subsequently, executive careers do not always follow a straight and narrow path taking many bends and turns along the way. The rapid pace of change in organizations, the complex business environment, a need for leadership in times of restructuring, the growing importance of relationships and often the lack of traditional support within organizations all play a role in navigating this process one way or the other.
Should they not be successful, pending severance then forces these executives to take stock of their careers and future development in ways that they have not been accustomed to in the past. Finding the best possible strategic approach in furthering their careers in times of crises is key. Executive Career coaching can assist individuals to navigate a career path taking into consideration both personal and professional priorities and aspirations.

Objective: Change

"When nothing is sure, everything is possible."

Margaret Drabble

And this is exactly where my career counselling starts; namely with a strong commitment to the clients, to support them to create meaningful change, to act as a sounding board for complex issues, to challenge and champion the client to reach the next higher level and coming out of this process better than before.

Program length:

Executive and mentoring coaching programs are tailored to suit your needs. Each coaching situation is unique and is treated as such, both in respective to scheduling and content.


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